Rapture Entry #5787

The colors and hues of the Mckenzie river, even though set against the blackened backdrop of a catastrophic recent forest fire, still inspire, especially when enjoyed with friends on a cold, mid-winter day.

Rapture Entry #5771

Kye gets it. He’s enjoying the river experience at the appropriate level of intensity and enthusiasm.

Rapture Entry #5661

We spent so much time experiencing the Colorado River from the height of it’s muddy waters, that when we had the chance, we’d scramble up to a viewpoint so we could appreciate a different perspective.

Rapture Entry #5659

The photograph takes me back to the stillness of the canyon, floating aimlessly through the flat water, feeling small, with only the sound of the stand up paddle boarder’s j-stroke.

Rapture Entry #5657

The beauty of the Grand Canyon is in the side hikes, but if you’re not careful, they’ll swallow you WHOLE!

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