Rapture Entry #5256

Rivers can offer such healing escapes, and the chance to let mind, body and boat flow and be one with water.

Rapture Entry #5244

One of the most beautiful things about rivers is the constant shifting and shaping of the enviroment. It can make you feel so small and so far away from reality. Maybe a little too far sometimes. Still worth it.

Rapture Entry #5240

Our favorite evening activity this summer was piling in the truck and heading to the river to raft.

Rapture Entry #5234

For weeks after returning from Ruby Horsethief, our 2 year old asked to go back to her favorite campsite on the river. There really is something magical about the water and sand!

Rapture Entry #5164

You cannot manufacture smiles like these. This is the pure joy that comes from the big hits while running a rapid.

Rapture Entry #5162

Yoga while balancing on the beam high above the river. The river is helping Kye to express his full self. Either the, or he’s showing off. Maybe it’s a little of column A, and a little of column B?

Rapture Entry #5142

Pick a swimmable rapid, set up the water housing, and trust your homie not to run you over. Then cross your fingers and hope for the best!

Rapture Entry #5136

After photographing rafting for years I got the best flip sequence ever. I was stoked, these guys were stoked, they didn’t lose anything and made a quick recovery. I love the tenacity displayed, fighting until the end to meet the waves. Everything I love about rafting. “Gone…..”

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