Rapture Entry #4929

We’re always looking for new and creative ways to get down the river. Why not take a whitewater inter tube?

Rapture Entry #4927

There is power in numbers, and everything is more fun when you share the experience with your friends. That’s what river trips, including the occasional bridge jump, are all about.

Rapture Entry #4911

The fall river was the first river that opened my eyes to the underwater world of Oregons freshwater. Seeing the trout from below the surface for the first time was inspiring and I now spend much of my time snorkeling local rivers.

Rapture Entry #4897

Glorious afternoons at river camps. Is there anything better? I’m having a hard time coming up with an alternative.

Rapture Entry #4895

The balance between fear and fun. Kendall works up her nerve because she knows the jump will be worth it. The opportunity for fun on the river is just about endless.

Rapture Entry #4889

Taking in a moment with friends in a beautiful place is what it’s all about.

Rapture Entry #4870

You know you’re boating with the right crew when there are smiles all around while rigging a z-drag after wrapping a raft!

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