Rapture Entry #4454

With beautiful scenery passing by its easy to get lost in the view, but someone’s got to keep an eye on the map to make sure we don’t miss camp!

Rapture Entry #4452

After a week on the Lower Salmon, taking a little time to enjoy the view and a couple of pages of one’s favorite river book is one of the best ways to spend the final evening.

Rapture Entry #4450

During the first part of our trip, we had very few days of sun but thankfully about halfway through, we got a little break. Coming around this corner we were welcomed with a little bit of sun and some snowcapped desert cliffs.

Rapture Entry #4448

With bad weather early on in our trip, we finally caught a break and had a beautiful Grand Canyon sunset with the light bouncing off the walls and casting a nice orange glow over everything.

Rapture Entry #4446

There’s nothing else like a giant rock to make you feel small. After almost a week spent rafting through Dinosaur National Monument, our wow factor was pretty high, but floating past these giant walls gave us a new appreciation for the river and the area.

Rapture Entry #4440

The glee you have knowing that the passenger sitting up front is about to get hit with water

Rapture Entry #4438

I am NOT an adrenaline junkie. I very much enjoy being a passenger princess on a raft trip. BUT there’s something to be said about reading water, understanding hydraulics, seeing obstacles, rocks, eddy lines… that has pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone and learn to run the oars… well at least to […]

Rapture Entry #4436

A scar will forever remind me of this day YET it doesn’t stop me from asking, “When we hitting another river?”

Rapture Entry #4428

Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate school. It can be fun, exciting, and also not without mistakes.

Rapture Entry #4426

Air Larry! My brother catching air on the 5th wave at Hermit during our layover day.

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